Delhi Metro

ETA has provided Electrical & Mechanical (E & M) Services for Delhi Metro Rail Project under Mass Rapid Transport System for 4.5 KM Underground tunnel and 4 Nos.Under Ground Station namely Vishwa Vidyalaya,Vidhan Sabha,Civil Lines & Kashmere Gate.

A special care has been taken on environment friendly, energy saving and redundancy of Emergency System. In order to maintain and control the temperature of stations, a total of 4200 TR chiller plant has been installed at ancillary building adjacent to each station.


E & M Contractors 

M/s.Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, New Delhi
M/s. Pacific Consultants & M/s.Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd
M/s.Kumagai-Skanska-HCC-ITOCHU JV (KSHI JV)
M/s.ETA Engineering Private Limited, New Delhi
Design & Build Electrical & Mechanical Services
July 2003
December 2004
Environment Control System
10 Nos. X 420 TR Screw Chillers
26 Nos. Pumps
9 Nos. Cooling Towers
4 Nos. Automatic Dosing System
28 No. Air Handling Units
60 Nos. Fan Coil Units
104 Nos. Split Units
11 Kilometer of Piping
41,000 Sq.Mtrs of ducting
Fire rated ducts (250 degree Celsius for 2 hours) for sensitive areas.
Tunnel Ventilation Fan Pneumatic System

Trackway Exhaust Fan AHUs

16 Nos. of 159,000 cfm Main Tunnel Ventilation Fans (2 M)
79 Nos. SS Tunnel Ventilation Dampers operated through pneumatic System
24 Nos. Booster Fans for tunnel
12 Nos. Staircase Pressurization Fans for emergency stairs
22 Nos. Track way exhaust fans for platform
16 Nos. Smoke Extract Fans for concourse areas
85 Nos. Exhaust and Supply Air Fans
525 Nos. of MFD, MVCD, ETL, Dampers
Tunnel Ventilation Dampers Chiller

Cooling Tower

Fire Fighting
22KMS of piping
150 Nos.Hydrants double head type in tunnel
70 Nos.Hydrants single head type in public areas 98 Nos.of Hose Reels
570 Nos.Nozzles
100 Nos.Sprinklers
8 Nos. Main Pumps
8 Nos. Jockey & Hose Reel Pumps
4730 Litres/Min Capacity, UL Listed Pump
Under Platform edge open spray system to protect
Fire under the train at stations through Motorized valve system
Fire Pump Fully Automatic MDBs

Gas Supression System

185 KM of Cabling
1,000 KM of wiring
80 KM Trays
7,700 Nos.of Light fittings
8 Nos. Auto Interchangeable MDBs
221 Nos. SMDBs & DBs
4 Nos. X 50 kVA UPS System per station
8000 kVA Power Generated by 8 DG sets
Fuel tank capacity to run 16 hrs continuously
Automatic restore of power supply in 10 seconds

Fire Alarm System
Interfaced to BMS
Capable of accommodating 2500 devices
Thermal, Smoke, Optical, Multi sensing devices
1800 Nos. of devices Installed
Inergen System for 8 Nos. Auxilliary Substations
84 Nos.Cylinders per station
Building Management System
151 kms of FS and LSZH cabling
BMS controls/Monitors
Environmental Control System
Ventilation System both Tunnel and Platform
Electrical Breakers
Hydraulic Services
Lighting Controls
52 Nos. of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
4 Nos. Hot Swappable Redundancy Servers
Interfaced with operation control center (10 km apart)
Station Control Room Tunnel Lighting

Motor Control Centre