Abu Dhabi International Airport Interim Passenger Facility Development Terminal 1A & 2.

Two Airport Terminals are being developed to be finished with in four month time.  ETA is undertaking electro-Mechanical works worth Dhs. 32.85 Million.  Client is SCADIA (Supervision Committee for Expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport) Project Management by Parsons International, Consultant are GHD Global Pty. Ltd. & Main Contractor is Al Jaber Energy Services.  Upon receipt of LOI on 20th March 2005 ETA’s Electro-Mechanical works are being executed round the clock in order to meet the near impossible dead line of completion before 01st August 2005.

M & E Abu Dhabi has played vital role successfully for the completion before 01st August 2005.  In order to plan to get new MULTI BILLION DOLLAR NEW AIRPORT EXPANSION PROJECTS. 


Existing Airport Terminal building is being refitted & modified for the new departure facility.  Additional electro-Mechanical services will be integrated with existing services network involving addition of:

¤ Chilled Water Tertiary pump sets, piping network with additional fan coil units. (50 Nos)
¤ Electrical power & lighting systems including SMDB, DB’s.
¤ Fire Alarm, Security & CCTV Systems.
¤ DATA Telephone & IT networks.
¤ New BMS fully Integrated with existing BMS facility.
¤ Complete water supply, drainage & fire fighting system for new areas integrated & connected to existing systems.